A Stay-at-Home Mom’s Salary Is $178,201

But my husband thinks I was doing him a favor

Colleen Sheehy Orme


Photo by Josh Willink from Pexels

My husband thinks I did him a favor. In his eyes, it’s a tiny, itsy bitsy gift. Now bear with me, this is kind of a confusing story because it involves money and a neanderthal.

You see my husband says he built a life alone.

So weird, because I’m pretty sure he had a roommate.

But maybe he doesn’t remember the big white dress and tux day.

Possible, since he seems to be forgetting a bunch of other stuff. He’s a busy man after all. What with building a business, buying houses, raising three children, and managing a home all by his lonesome. Sounds exhausting!

He also claims he was the sole financial contributor in the marriage.

Lucky him!

Winner take all! Score! Cha-ching!

Don’t you hate it when you do someone a bunch of favors? Like not ONE but a TON of favors, and eventually, you have to set limits?!

I know, right?! It’s the worst! Some people are just takers!

And you finally have to say…

Like dude, back off. And while you’re at it, check out salary.com. I’ve included the link below so you don’t have to knock yourself out.

Here’s what it says…

Turns out the favor I did was super big, HUGE actually to the tune of $178,201. Gosh, that tune sounds familiar. I think it’s called “I Am Woman Hear Me Roar.”

When you click on the link you might cringe because it calls me ‘Super Mom.’ I know, you totally won’t get that. Like, what?! Super who? Not my roomie! But it’s this crazy thing called recognition and appreciation. Maybe the next girl will fill you in.

And ouch, don’t say I didn’t warn you but yikes…

Either a big boy boo-boo — or boohoo coming your way now — because they say post-pandemic I’m worth $184,000. Now before you totally lose it, here’s the crazy, mind-blowing, alternate reality.

They say I have ‘serious market value’ and a ‘diverse skill set.’

Who knew?!



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