One Thing a Narcissist Will Never Do

The frightening truth about loving this type of person

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Anyone who has fallen for a narcissist is no stranger to their emotionally covert truth.

But narcissists hide an even deeper and darker secret from those who love them. Had I discovered this veiled truth, I know with certainty I would have fled sooner.

Yet I had spent my life as a tenacious fixer. Which meant my resolutions of self-protection and boundaries scattered the moment I walked out of those appointments.

My husband certainly didn’t and neither did those who found it impossible to believe my reality. This super handsome, successful, charming guy was awesome. The life of the party. The good guy.

Because there was that good side. The one that temporarily hid when the cruel counterpart took over. The guy who held my hand. Who hugged me. Who snuggled next to me on the couch.

The dark, deep, and dirty secret they keep even from those of us who know them best.

The narcissist’s addiction is with themselves. They will always come first. Less love on love — more love on enabler. The enabler has value because they allow the narcissist their ego addiction.

Yet the reality I almost went through life with someone with no ability to ever love me was frightening. That I had fought to the point of self-extinction to simply remain an accompaniment to someone else’s world.

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National Relationship Columnist, Freelance Journalist & Former Business Columnist. All Shapes of Love — #WomanResurrected

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