Should We Forgive the Narcissist?

Is it possible to actually forgive this abusive personality?

Photo by Ck Lacandazo from Pexels

Forgive the narcissist??!! I’m sure a few survivors of narcissistic abuse are shocked if not outraged. I get it. I’m right there with you. Especially since the narcissist in my life once refused to forgive me.

Anger boiled within me. How dare this emotionally corrupt man who I had forgiven time and time again. Who made me cry until I had welts on my face. The nerve that simple words would bruise his fragile ego and leave me without a pardon.

It’s important to not confuse forgiveness with excusing the abuse. There is zero tolerance for abusive behavior.

The narcissist has to be held accountable for their unconscionable actions. But we no longer have to be. We can release their damaging behavior.

Have we struggled with the post-traumatic chaos of leaving narcissistic abuse? Yes. Have we been to counseling to elevate awareness of this serious disorder? Yes. Have my children been temporarily manipulated by a narcissist? Yes. All of this and then some.

Narcissism will become a fact of their lives.

Not an emotional battle to carry with them for life.

National Relationship Columnist, Freelance Journalist & Former Business Columnist. All Shapes of Love — #WomanResurrected

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