What a Narcissistic Spouse Taught Me About the President

Why a serious personality disorder should trump politics

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There are many who find the narcissist irresistible. A magnet of undeniable proportion. And then, there are the others. The disillusioned and the frustrated. The individuals maddened by the world’s inability to recognize the troubling clues.

It is the narcissistic Yin and yang. Both must exist.

The followers which blanket them with admiration and the intuitive who attempt to expose their naked truth.

Ironically, this deficit is what drives their success. It is a ruthlessness which allows them to stampede people and topple organizations. As if they were merely swatting at flies.

The narcissist continues to rise to the top. Because of their callous instincts, and the self-addictive tendencies which feed them.

He was an emotional contradiction. Every narcissist is. The attractive exterior and the crippling interior.

The controlling, manipulative, self-addicted, fragile ego that lacks crucial empathy and can wreak havoc on their intended target.

Narcissists expose themselves when they are no longer in a position of power. Their unrestrainable need for control forces them out of hiding. And their ungovernable need to win becomes public.

If Trump had not entered a democracy he would never have exposed himself. Had he stuck to running his own organization most would never have witnessed the unmistakable narcissistic signs.

But unbelievably, there is something which can make a narcissist even more menacing. Allowing them to gain enough power to understand your vulnerabilities. Their highly manipulative nature will capitalize on this to weaken or destroy anyone they feel is a threat.

Many around them will exhaust and frustrate themselves attempting to hold them responsible. To no avail. These skilled manipulators will always find a way out. They will always have enough admirers to assist them or enablers to excuse them.

The success excuses extreme behavior.

And narcissists do not seek treatment because they never reach emotional sobriety. The inability to see outside their own world makes it impossible to see in.

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National Relationship Columnist, Freelance Journalist & Former Business Columnist. All Shapes of Love — #WomanResurrected colleen.sheehy.orme@gmail.com

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